Our internally-produced welding installations are assembled on our own CNC Manufacturing line. This ensures that we are independent of external suppliers and possible resulting variations in quality.

Our machinery includes high-quality and versatile CNC machining centers up to the 5-axis version. Guarantee for fastest turnaround times and precise results.

We manufacture individual parts and small series for you. We can process workpiece sizes up to 1000x550x500 mm and a weight of up to 1000 kg. From material procurement to the finished product, we offer everything from one source. Of course, we also supply your components as desired. Whether burnished, plasma-nitrided, copper-plated, anodized, hard-coated, etc. Our reliable network of partner companies guarantees the consistent continuation of our quality standards.

Our internal network combines technologies. Information from CAD, CAM, tool measurement and CNC are available throughout the company at the key points – always promptly and independently of our machines. Because their task is your parts.

Machine Shop EQUIPMENT

  • 4 x DMU 50 > Universal milling with five axes
  • 1 x DMG DMC 1035V > Vertical Machining center
  • 1 x DMG NEF 400 > Universal Turning Center
  • CAD-CAM Offline Programming


  • 5th axis machining
  • Program offline or direct
  • In-stock material
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Qualified MIG and TIG welders
  • Design and inspection capabilities


  • Design and development on 3D CAD workstations
  • Milling on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers
  • Assembly of complete assemblies
  • Engrave your component numbers on the production part
  • Use of the latest technology such as HSC, IKZ, HPC, cold air technology, etc.
  • Speed, flexibility and precision at the highest level
  • CAM programming for multi-side machining and free-form surfaces according to 3D data
  • Highest on-time delivery